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What is Ashtama Shani all about?

Posted on December 5, 2011 by pariharadotcom There have been 0 comments

What is Ashtama Shani (ashtama sani) ?

Ashtama Shani (Ashtama Sani) is of great importance in Vedic Astrology. Ashtama Shani (Ashtama Sani) 2011 Transition will take place on November 15 and Shani makes the transition to Tula Rashi or (Libra Zodiac).  Ashtama Shani begins for Meena or Pisces. Ashtama sani will come to end for Kumbha Rasi on November 15, 2011. The date varies for different Panchangams. The transition is on December 21, 2011 as per the almanac used by South Indian astrologers.

ashtama shani

Should I be scared if my rasi is affected ?

Generally Ashtama Shani is a dreaded transit and it does cause many troubles. But just like any other planetary transit, this transit also ensures the balance of good & bad events in one's life. Ups and downs in one's life is the law of nature and we see the connection between that and the planetary events in Vedic Astrology. Having said that, to protect yourself from adverse incidents, our vedic scriptures recommend many spiritual remedies which are listed below.

Do remedial pujas work ?

Recently there is a popular misconception that Astrology is a fake procedure and astrologers just try to make money out of things that we dont really understand but afraid of. This fear is highly misplaced and incorrect. Astrology is an age old Vedic science. And when practiced properly, it becomes an invaluable treasure in understanding the mysteries of nature.  There may be fake doctors but for that the science of medicine is not fake. The applies for Astrology. There may be some people who call themselves as astrologers and just try to make money but that certainly does not mean the science of astrology is false. So I would strongly recommend that you approach this science with an open mind and perform the pujas or mantra chanting for your planetary transits with utmost sincerity. The results will be felt by you.


Remedies for Ashtama Shani / Ashtama Sani :

1. Shani Shanti Puja at Thirunallaru Shani Temple in TamilNadu or Shani Shingapur Temple in Maharashtra.  If you are not able to visit the temple by yourself, request this puja through and receive the prasad at your doorstep. Link: 

2. Milk Abishekam to Lord Shani on Saturdays for a period of 3 to 6 months continuously. You can arrange for this abishekam in a temple in your neighborhood where you have Navagrahas (nine planets).  Offering Milk abishekam in Shani Thirunallaru temple is considered extremely auspicious . To register:

3. Benevolence to Dogs: Dog is considered as Lord.Shani's pet animal. When i told this to one of my friends, he started laughing. But it is true that treating dogs with care and respect will please Lord Shani. Try feeding a dog in your neighborhood regularly. Never ill-treat of physically abuse dogs or for that matter any animal. In Indian mythology there is a connection between every domestic animal and a particular deity. Probably the sages of those ages had the same compassion promoted by PETa organization today.


As i wrote earlier, this will be a tough phase for you but with consistent good deeds and by performing pujas to Lord Shani regularly, you can successfully sail through this phase. Good luck.

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