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Saturn Transit / Shani Peyarchi Predictions 2011 - part 1/3

Posted on October 31, 2011 by pariharadotcom There have been 0 comments

Predictions for Saturn Transit Saturn / Shani Peyarchi in Libra (Thula Rasi) during 2011-2014 - by's Chief astrologer Shri. Raveendranath Menon.


Saturn moves into Libra ( Thula) the 7th house of the Zodiac and the house of its exaltation at 08.20 A.M. on 15 of November 2011 as per the Chitrapaksha ( Lahiri) Ayanamsa , after its sojourn for a period of two and a half years in Virgo, the exaltation house of Mercury and would be stationed in its most favorable house for about 3 years ie up to 2 November 2014, except for a brief period of 2 and half months' retrograde motion back into Virgo in 2012.

Is Shani Peyarchi / Saturn Transit harmful?

Normally the transit of Saturn is being looked upon as a major event astrologically as well as spiritually , since Lord Saturn the great leveler and the supreme judge could make sweeping changes in the life of human beings (as well as on the events of nature) that could be either positive or negative depending upon various factors like the conjunction and the aspect of other planets as well as based on the ascendant and the moon sign called Rasi of the people on earth to say the least.

How accurate are Zodiac based predictions?

While an intricate prediction and probable incidents as a result of the transit of Saturn would depend on a variety of factors, like the transit of other planets and consequent combined influence of them on the life of an individual , the Vedha by other planets during the transit, the moorthy nirnaya applications and of course the individual's own Planetary position in the natal horoscope .

Such an analysis only could pin point the exact implications of the transit Saturn on the life of an individual and need to be highly subjective. Our endeavour in this small write up is not to have such a complicated analysis on the transit Saturn into Libra ( which of course could be attempted on demand . Request our astrologer here) but to present certain general indications and major areas of influence on the life and person of the individual , for the benefit of a layman rather than to exhibit our expertise and depth of analysis, so as to make them prepared to face the events more pragmatically and effectively with the strength of the individual will and also by invoking the blessing of the planets and masters to carry on this inevitable but challenging journey through the ocean of life.

What should i essentially know about this transit ?

The consolation about the present transit of the great task master and judge is that, Lord Saturn will be at his best and on the throne with full strength for another 30 months being placed in his exaltation sign.

Hence the current transit of Saturn which is once in a thirty year event, would bring auspicious events in many lives and would solve many a problem for the masses

Let us see what are the major general indications for each of the 12 Rasis or Zodiac signs (Moon signs)during the above period of reign of Saturn in Libra. While the results indicated here are primarily for the Janma Rasis (Moon sign), the results could also manifest on the same lines to some extent from one's Ascendant as per my research and experience

Aries: People born in the first rasi or the maiden zodiac sign ,would witness sweeping change in their career front for thebetter during the transit period. The results would be more advantageous during the first 6 months of the transit of Saturn into Libra. Spiritual advancement and experience and gains in business and profession would also benefit these natives. On the flip side separation from the spouse and influence of elderly Men/women would also manifest. Should the natal chart of any individual indicates weak moral strength, such people need to be cautious to avoid scandals and bad reputation on account of the relationship with the opposite sex. Auspicious incidents and improvement/elevation in the position of the spouse also could be expected. In short the impending transit would give mixed results for these natives and the young are advised to exercise restraint in matters of romantic relationships.

Taurus: Saturn being yoga karaka for this sign normally such transits might pass without any negative incidents. Since the planet is exalted during the current transit it is all the more beneficial. Elevation or promotion in career, help and cooperation of subordinates and employees for business people and senior executives could be expected. Expenditure of unforeseen nature could disturb the peace at home. Special care to be taken to avoid misunderstanding with younger siblings and neighbors.

Gemini: Separation from children, or/and anxiety about children could mar the mental peace. Speculative transactions could yield results provided the natal horoscope has the necessary potential. Worship of kuladevatha and donations to elderly people especially women could give solace. You are advised to exercise caution in your speech and dealing with the spouse, partners and colleagues. Income drain and ailments above neck could mar the otherwise favorable transit. Separation or difference of opinion with the spouse need to be taken care of.


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