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Rahu Ketu Peyarchi 2014 - Rahu Ketu Transit poojas

NOTE: For those who are not able to visit this Temple by yourself, we will perform the puja in this temple on your behalf and send you the prasadham worldwide. Read further to know more.

Rahu Ketu Parihara Pooja (Navagraha Sthalams)

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Rahu & Ketu, the two Nodes of the Moon, take about 19 months to transit through a sign. Rahu enters Virgo on 13th June 2014. During this tenure, Ketu will be in Pisces. They're unique in the sense that they're always transiting retrograde, indicating Karma from previous lives. They're not technically planets but their influence is so significant that they're given the status of planets (grahas) in vedic astrology. Rahu & Ketu are the mysterious unseen points in space causing the eclipses. 

People of all Stars and Rasis are advised to perform parihara poojas for Rahu-Ketu to overcome the evil effects of this transit and to obtain divine grace of the intertwined celestial Gods.

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Raahu Kethu transit which occurs every one and half years brings varying results to people in different Raasis. On June13th morning, Rahu will transit from Dhanur from Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) to Kanni(Virgo) and Ketu from Vrishaba Rasi (Taurus) to Meenam(Pisces). They will remain in these Rasis for 18 months. People of all Stars and Rasis are advised to perform parihara poojas for Rahu-Ketu to overcome the evil effects of this transit and to obtain divine grace. 

People suffering from mental disorders and disturbances and those who seek visa for foreign travel (rahu rules over foreign travel) should offer puja to Rahu graham to propitiate and ward off its evil effects. brings you a golden oppportunity to perform this pooja from the convenience of your home. The pooja will be performed during Rahukaalam on the chosen date and prasadam will be shipped to you.

About Sri Kalahasti Temple - Parihara Sthalam for Rahu & Ketu:

Special parihara pujas are performed here for Kalasarpa dosham and other afflictions associated with Rahu and Ketu. If the People who have Rahu Kethu Doshas and Sarpa Doshas, the unmarried and couples without children perform the most effective Rahu - Kethu Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Puja in this Temple. Thousands of Devotees from the country and abroad perform this puja and fulfill their vows again and again after receiving good results.

Rahu - Kethu Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Puja can be performed daily between 6:30 A.M and 9:00 P.M. While you can perform pooja at any time, performing pooja during rahu kalam is considered to be auspicious. Sunday and Tuesday are the best days to perform pooja as Sunday and Tuesday are the days considered to be for Rahu and Kethu.(The Devastanam will arrange all Puja Materials).


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No planet is 100% malefic (bad). The transit effects depend on how we respond to the favorable & unfavorable situations. Rahu has a positive side, offering great boons in communications, new inventions, technology etc.
Rahu is extrovert, affirming, selfish and ambitious, while Ketu is introvert, negating and detached. Rahu's transits show where someone is likely to expand, driven, try new things and disperse their energy into materialistic pursuits. Ketu's transits show where someone is likely to experience restriction, detachment, completion or focus and deepen their spiritual pursuits. If both the running period & transit effects are bad, the overall effect ought to be bad. Therefore, you can reduce the malefic effects by performing remedies.

Rahu is a planet of materialism and gives material gains in a particular area. It gives extremely good results in Kendras & Trikonas. If well placed it gives happiness. If well aspected it gives happiness, acquisition of wealth & a powerful position. But it also gives mental anxieties; it creates conditions wherein you really cannot enjoy material gains. If not well placed & not well aspected it can give loss of position, legal hassles & misfortune. Also it urges one to turn to the higher powers to seek mental peace. Ketu, on the other hand, will deprive a person of the benefits of the house it is transiting and force a person to think on a higher plane. It can result in turning the mind inwards to seek the ultimate truth

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