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Shani (Saturn) Transit 2014 Predictions and Remedies - Part 1

sani peyarchi

Part 1: Effect for the world in general and for India. 

Transit Saturn  in Vrischika Rasi. Effect for the World and for the Country ( India)

Saturn the great taskmaster and Karmic Leveler, after its majestic sojourn on the throne in Libra, its exaltation point, transits to Scorpio at 22 .31 hours of 2nd November 2014 after a period of 30 long years.It would be stationed in that Rasi ( Zodiac) until 26 January 2017.It would be in retrograde motion though in the same Rasi for 2 times for about 8 months period .To be precise between 14 March and 2nd of August 2015 and then again between 26 March and 16 August 2016.The retrograde Saturn is believed to give better results and some school of thoughts also give the planets in retrograde the effects of its previous house, although I do not subscribe to this view.

Transit of Saturn unlike the transit of other planets is of immense importance in astrological parlance considering its long stay in a zodiacal sign as well as the amount of influence it exerts on the houses and planets by the very nature of the planet. While some school of thoughts give lesser prominence for the Gochara ( Transit)  of planets , I have observed  from my 3 decades of astrological experience , that the influence of transits of  planets Jupiter and Saturn has  enormous effect on the mundane life of the living and non living bodies.

While the operating periods of functional as well as natural benefics could compensate the transit effects to some extent ,it cannot be completely offset its influence of these 2 major Karmic representatives  and needs to be taken seriously.

Normally the transit of Saturn is being looked upon as a major event astrologically as well as spiritually , since Lord Saturn the great leveler and the supreme judge could make sweeping changes in the life of human beings (as well as on the events of nature) that could be either positive or negative depending upon various factors like the conjunction and the aspect of other planets as well as based on the ascendant and the moon sign called Rasi of the people on earth to say the least. While an intricate prediction and probable incidents as a result of the transit of Saturn would depend on a variety of factors, like the transit of other planets and consequent combined influence of them on the life of an individual , the Vedha by other planets during the transit, the moorthy nirnaya applications and of course the individual's own Planetary position in the natal horoscope . Such an analysis only could pin point the exact implications of the transit Saturn on the life of an individual and need to be highly subjective.


My  endeavor in this small write up is not to have such a complicated analysis on

the transit Saturn into Scorpio ( which of course could be attempted on demand) but

to present before the common reader certain general indications and major areas of influence on the life and person of the individual , for the benefit of a layman ,so as to make them prepared to face the challenges more pragmatically  and effectively with the strength of the individual will and also by invoking the blessing of the planets and masters to carry on this inevitable but challenging journey through the ocean of life.


General Mundane indications for the world in General:-

Saturn moves into Scorpio , the 8th house from the first Zodiac of the solar system .  Having spend almost 2 and half a year in 7th the house of love and partnership where it might not have been done major disasters due to its exaltation point, the entry into the 8th house of the Kalapurush could invite some serious challenges and troubles for those who born in this zodiac sign as well as generally for the world.

While the transist Saturn in Libra for the last 2 and a half years resulted in innumerable sufferings for the women folk of the world by means of atrocities in many a country especially in the middle east like Syria and Iraq as well as in other countries , the period also brought the fall and disrepute for the leading ladies of the nation like the UPA chief Sonia Gandhi in the form of her failure to continue in power, and J. Jayalalitha in her infamous litigation and imprisonment  .The  untold sufferings for the hundreds of thousands of Khurshid women cannot be ignored in this context

Transit Saturn in Scorpio   is therefore moving into a watery sign , although   the ownerof which Mars is a fiery planet . As far as the sign Scorpio is concerned it is fixed, watery, and a feminine sign, It rules  sexual organs of the person and the eighth house of the horoscope. It represents strong  mystical personality,  and intense  emotions. Having seen the qualities of the Rasi to which the Saturn now moves into, let us also examine the influence of other planets mainly that of Jupiter the largest Mass among the planets  on the transit Saturn for these 2 and a half year period. Jupiter being in cancer in a trine from the transit Saturn ,would be aspecting the latter and would be containing its malefic power to a great extend until sometime June 2015 and as such the evil effect of the Saturn in Scorpio would bloom to its full extend only after the middle of 2015 and could last only for about 18-19 months as per the driganitha calculations.

Saturn being in the 8th house of the Kalpurush , many mysteries and secrets are going to be unraveled and make bomb shells across the world… The unearthing of the Black money of Indians , the conspiracies of the nations, the mysteries behind many a intervention by the great powers etc. could come out and surprise the world.

The transit Saturn in Scorpio could invoke natural disasters in the form of Air crashes as it was happened in 1985 when the planet Saturn was in Scorpio , when the Air India flight 182  crashed above the Atlantic ocean. This is not mere coincidence as Saturn the planet that represents Earth when in the house of Mars the fiery planet could make explosions earth quakes and such other sudden explosions either by the act of Humans or by the act of Nature. The solace this time is the aspect of Jupiter the saviour , on the Saturn and on the Rasi of scorpio until June 2015.However the period March 2016 to june 2016 when mars conjoins the Saturn in the house of Scorpio would be a period of great risk and vulnerability as far the natural and man made disasters are concerned.

The countries represented by  Scorpio as per western Astrology are  Norway, Algeria, Morocco, Tahiti,  Korea, Syria & Uruguay where as  the cities are  Liverpool, New Orleans, Newcastle, Washington, D.C., Cincinnati, Milwaukee and  Halifax. These countries and cities need special mention while considering the vulnerability for unexpected events.

As far as India is concerned , the North western states can be considered as  represented by the sign Scorpio with slight tilt towards west hence the states would  be, Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana,  Punjab,Rajasthan , Gujarat and Parts of Maharashtra.

I am not attempting a comprehensive prediction for the entire 3 years ( almost) of Saturn’s Sojourn in Scorpio since that would be voluminous and beyond the scope of my small write up. However , I would divide the entire  period in to  6 months each and would try to decipher the results at a later date.

The effect for the each Individual zodiacs (Rasis) in the Horoscope as per Vedic System is being published in Part 2 of this blog series. 


- Predictions and Remedies written by our expert panel astrologer Shri.Raveendranth Menon. 

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