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Shani (Saturn) Transit 2014 Predictions and Remedies - Part 1

sani peyarchi

Part 1: Effect for the world in general and for India. 

Transit Saturn  in Vrischika Rasi. Effect for the World and for the Country ( India)

Saturn the great taskmaster and Karmic Leveler, after its majestic sojourn on the throne in Libra, its exaltation point, transits to Scorpio at 22 .31 hours of 2nd November 2014 after a period of 30 long years.It would be stationed in that Rasi ( Zodiac) until 26 January 2017.It would be in retrograde motion though in the same Rasi for 2 times for about 8 months period .To be precise between 14 March and...

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