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Garbharakshambiga Oil & Ghee Prasadham ( Pariharam for pregnancy and safe childbirth )

Garbarakshambigai Temple, also called by the name of Lord Shiva here as 'Mullai Vana Natha' temple is situated in the state of Tamilnadu, Tanjavur district. The Divine Mother Parvati is worshipped here in the form of  Garbarakshambigai , meaning 'the Mother who protects the womb.' This temple is specially meant for childless couples and pregnant women who want to pray for a trouble-free pregnancy & childbirth. The temple provides two kinds of prasadams - a castor oil bottle & ghee prasadam. 1. Childless couples should take the ghee prasadam every night in small quantities for 48 days. 2. Expectant mothers should apply the castor oil on the stomach before delivery or whenever any problems are faced during pregnancy. 3. can arrange to send the ghee or oil prasadam along with the temple booklet containing the mantra, slokas and photograph of the Goddess.

Offer a pooja to  Garbarakshambigai  and obtain her divine grace in abundance. Get the ghee and oil prasadam delivered at home or gift it to your relatives or friends who are waiting for the good news.

Couples who beget children after praying to Garbarakshambigai Devi often bring the blessed child to the temple as a thanksgiving visit, the child is then put in a golden cradle meant for such children born with the grace of the Devi. You can also offer a thanksgiving puja to the Goddess from if you're one of those lucky mothers.