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Guru Peyarchi / Jupiter Transit 2021 Special poojas

Guru Peyarchi / Jupiter Transit 2021 Special poojas

Rs. 900.00

Every year, Jupiter or Guru the most powerful and influential planet in Vedic astrology and also the lord of fortune moves from one sign to another and sets the stage of human consciousness for the coming year.

The Guru would transit into Aquaris sign (Kumbam Rasi- कुंभ) from Capricorn Sign (Makaram Rasi- मकर) on 13 Nov 2021 and will remain there till 13.04.2022 as per tamil pachangam. And as per Thirukanidha Panchangam which is widely used in Astrology predictions, transit happens on 20th Nov 2021. 

When Jupiter makes a move, the impact is unique even though it moves very slowly since it is a large planet.


How Jupiter’s Move will Influence You?

  • All transits are celestial changes and it is not wise to classify them as beneficial for some and malefic for some people. Instead its wise to view them as changes that may influences some positive sense for some. 

  • The ones who are having the following moon signs may not have the best of conditions  - Taurus( Rishabham-वृषभ), Cancer(Kadagam-कर्क), Virgo( Kanni-कन्या),Scorpio( Viruchikam-वृश्चिक ), Sagittarius(Dhanusu-धनु ),Aquarius (Kumbam- कुंभ ) and Pisces ( Meenam- मीन).

  • For the above mentioned 7 moon signs, It is advisable to perform Dosha Nivarana parihara puja to mitigate the adverse effects.

  • Those who are having moon signs Aries (Mesham-मेष), Gemini (Mithunam-मिधुन)-,Leo ( Simha- सिंह ),Libra( Thulam- तुला ) and Capricorn (Makaram- मकर ) might have a favourable period in general.

  • Therefore. it is advisable to perform THANKS GIVING PARIHARA PUJA to seek the continuous divine blessings.

Special Guru poojas to choose from:

Jupiter is the planet of wealth, prosperity, growth, abundance, and luck. 
‘ enables you to get the fullest karmic benefit of this transit by performing homam/ hawan, Poojas , Annadhanam .The following are our special pooja options for you to choose from.

  1. Guru Pooja at Alangudi Guru Temple- MILK ABHISHEKAM FOR MAIN DEITY INR.2,900/ -( Prasadham includes Guru Bagawan engraved- One silver dollar-approximate weight 2 gms-sanctified)

  2. Guru Prapthi Homam –to be performed at our Yagasalai- Group Homam-
    For Sangalpam for a family of upto 5 Members -- Rs .900.
    For families having more than 5 members-- Rs.1,100.

Postage extra ( within India Rs.150 and Outside India, depends upon the country)


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