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Srivari Kalyanotsava Pooja for Unmarried Men & Women

Srivari Kalyanotsava Pooja for Unmarried Men & Women

Rs. 7,200.00

Our expert panel of Vedic priests, well trained in rituals and chanting will perform the auspicious Kalyanotsavam of Sridevi and Lord Vishnu, symbolically to invoke their blessings. This is a highly effective pooja for all unmarried men and women. Followers of the Vaishnava Sampradayas like Madhwas, Iyengars and Gaudiya Vaishnavas etc. are particularly advised to perform this pooja. It is an effective remedy against all doshas related to marital life - kuja dosham, sukra dosham etc. The prasadam will be shipped to you and the pooja video will be emailed to you through youtube. If you cannot afford to book this pooja exclusively for yourself, try our Thirumanencheri Special marriage Pooja. (search for 'thrumanencheri' in the search bar)

Watch a video of the Kayanotsavam performed by TTD:

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