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Balaji Temple (Melathiruppathi), Mondipalayam, Coimbatore

Balaji Temple (Melathiruppathi), Mondipalayam, Coimbatore

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This famous Balaji temple is located 40kms from Coimbatore in the village of Mondipalayam. It is an ancient temple which has had a tremendous impact on the lives of local people and traditions. Devotees believe that those who are unable to visit the Tirumala Balaji temple can offer their prayers here. There are shrines for Lord Krishna, Hanuman, Ganapati, Lakshmi and Andal within the temple prakaram. Thousands of devotees visit this temple every Saturday. This temple is counted among the noted vishnu temples of Kongunadu. The Image of the lord is flat on the four sides and conical in the center. The form was first discovered by one Kondamanaicker around 300 hundred years ago . The devotee once sited his cow shedding it's milk on a sandhill. Induced by curiosity, he dug it, when manifested the image with Conch (Shankha) and Disc (Chakra) as well as Saligram and Chikandi (weapon). Inspired by the divine revolution he ordered a temple to be built up for Shree Venketachalapathi enshrining the form. Devotee's who have taken vows to make offering to the lord of the seven hills can fulfil them in Mondipalayam, in the event of their inability to go to thirupathi. The main deity is in the form of a “Swayambhu” in the Sanctum Sanctorum. The Lord “Sri Venkatesa Perumal” facing eastward gives his divine darshan to his devotees. As one continues to pray here, they receive the darshan with the blessings of the Lord; experience an inner calm and a flow of divine energy within.

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