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Tiruvenkadu or Budha Navagraha Sthalam

Tiruvenkadu or Budha Navagraha Sthalam

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The temple at Thiruvenkadu is dedicated to Budha or Mercury. Budha or Mercury is considered to be a repository of knowledge and intelligence and is therefore said to bestow wisdom and intellect on his devotees. This planet is ruled by Lord Vishnu. If Budha graha is strong and well placed in the horoscope, such a person is seen to be successful in education, possesses high IQ and excellent communication skills. If he is afflicted or debilitated in the horoscope, such a person has difficulties in completing education, suffers with poor communication skills etc.
Mercury also rules diseases of the nervous system. People who suffer from weak nerves, nervous disorders, setbacks or failures in education, those who are involved in the educational field must regularly offer worship to Lord Budha.

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