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Chandra Navagraha Sthalam

Chandra Navagraha Sthalam

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The Navagrahasthalam associated with Chandra, the moon god, called Thingai in Tamil, is located in the Kailasanathar temple at Tingaloor near Thanjavur in Tamilnadu. The temple has a shrine dedicated to Chandran. A visit to this temple is said to grant a confortable and long life. In astrology, Chandran is the planet that rules the mind. A strong and well placed moon in the horoscope gives a strong mind (Chandra Bala). When the moon is debilitated or afflicted by evil planets like Rahu, it leads to an unstable mind, sorrow, mood fluctuations etc. Offering pooja to Chandra here is an excellent parihara for chandra dosha and can help mitigate its adverse impact. The benefits of offering a puja to Chandran are happiness, strength of mind, clarity of thought, mental health, freedom respiratory diseases like asthma and long life.

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