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Dasha Sandhi Homam - For Transit from one Mahadasha to the next

Dasha Sandhi Homam - For Transit from one Mahadasha to the next

Rs. 10,000.00

The Dasha Sandhi Homam is performed when your horoscope indicates that you are going to have a change of Dasha. The life span of an individual is divided into Nine Mahadashas Dashas for each planet which occur in the following sequence: Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu and Venus. Each Dasha is of varying duration - Sun Mahadasha lasts for 6 years, Moon for 10 years, Mars for 7 years, Rahu for 18 years, Jupiter for 16 years, Saturn for 19 years, Mercury for 17 years, Ketu for 7 years and Venus for 20 years. The transition phase from one dasha to another (lasting for six months) is called DASHA CHIDRAM which is usually a troublesome period bringing in major changes in a person's life, turmoil, suffering and severe ups and downs. Especially if one is moving from a good dasha to a bad planet's dasha, then effects are more pronounced. Performing this homam helps one to clean up the residual karms likely to manifest during such dashas and dasha chidrams and maximises the benefits likely to occur. This is a specialized homam which can be performed only by experienced astrologer priests. Shri Satyanarayana Sharma, the renowned Madhwa priest will perform this homam for our customers.

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