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Dhanwantari Temple (for Health & Curing of Diseases)

Dhanwantari Temple (for Health & Curing of Diseases)

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Dhanwanthiri is the Adhishtana Devata (presiding Deity) of Ayurveda, the ancient science of life and he is considered to be an Avatar or incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The Temple of Dhanwantari stands in the campus of the Arya Vaidya Pharmacy in the heart of Coimbatore city, with the proud distinction of being the only temple dedicated in his honor in the whole world. The Shadaadhara Pratishtha, which means the ceremonial fitting of six adharas or supports in the sanctum sanctorum, was performed to the recital of mantras conducted by the Tantri, the chief priest of the temple, in 1975. Two years later, on April 25, 1977, the idol was consecrated and installed and the temple was formally inaugurated. Architecturally conceived and built according to the traditional science of Vaastu, the temple enshrines Lord Dhanwantari, God of Ayurveda, as the main deity. Each of the sub-deities contributes their sanctity to the temple, and collectively can be considered as a luminous constellation surrounding the glory of the main deity, Lord Dhanwantari. Although the temple was built to provide spiritual solace to those coming for treatment at the Chikitasalayam, its fame as a healing center has spread far and wide, attracting devotees from all over the world. The constant reciting of mantras and herbal offerings have helped in creating a vibratory, energetic field that is most conducive to healing along with the treatments offered for different ailments. Legend About Lord Dhanwantari The legend goes like this. Once Due to curse from saint, the God who are considered eternal ,started aging and their supreme position was being challenged. At the instance of their Guru Brihaspathy the God Decide to obtain an elixir medicine by churning the ocean milk. At the task was hard between them, the God requested the Asuras ( Demons) to aid them in the effort ,promising them half of the benefits acquired. They churned the ocean making the Mandara Mountain as the churning rod and vasuki the great serpent, the rope. Lord Vishnu took the form of gigantic tortoise (kurma) to support the mountain Mandara. It was Lord Dhanwantari who rose from the ocean of milk with the pot of Amrita (Ambrosia) in his one hand. It was lord Vishnu incarnated and had divine srichakra ( wheel), Sankh (Conch) jaluka(leech which cures of impure blood)along with ambrosia in this four hands.There is a female form of Dhanwanthari too worshipped in some temples. Lord vishnu had take the form of charming enchantress mohini, when the Asuras snatched the elixir, thus depriving the Gods of it. The Dhanwantari Idol - Myth and Reality According to the descriptions culled from several religious texts, Lord Dhanwantari is pictured as having four hands. The upper right hand holds the Chakra while the upper left hand grasps a Conch. The lower right hand hold the Leech while the lower left hand holds the fabled bowl containing Amrit or the divine nectar. Yet, the idol of Dhanwantari placed in this temple shows the Lord holding the bowl of Amrit in his lower right hand! And, thereby hangs an interesting tale. The story goes that the founder of the Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, Sri P.V. Rama Variar, while praying to Lord Dhanwantari, had a dream in which the Lord appeared to him thus. And it was the image he saw in his dream that got sculpted as the idol of Dhanwantari. The moral of the tale being that it is the piety and purity of the devotee’s mind that matters, and the gods may appear in the form imagined by their devout worshippers. brings you a golden opportunity to offer worship at this renowned temple. The prasadam box sent to you will contain the vibuthi (sacred ash) ,kumkum & chandanam prasadam & the photo of the deity .

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