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Kaadu Hanumantharaaya Swami temple, Dharapuram

Kaadu Hanumantharaaya Swami temple, Dharapuram

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The Kaadu Hanumantharaya Swami temple is one of the most sacred temples of lord Hanuman, revered as an ‘Akhila Bharatha Madwa Kshethram’ (national religious centre for the Madhwa community). This temple and the sacred murti of Hanuman here is one of the several such murtis said to have been established all over South India by a great disciple of Madhwacharya called Shri Vyasaraya Teertha. Hanuman is the son of Wind God (Vayu). As a symbolic representation of this fact, an opening is left above the sanctum sanctorum. It is rare to find any notable temple in South India without a Vimanam or Tower above the sanctum. Every year, in the month of May (Vaikasi), a car festival is held for ten days. Thousands throng to be the chosen few to pull the chariot, holding the Utsava Murti, through the village. The temple also serves as a community centre providing free food to many in the area. Hanuman Jayanthi is also celebrated here with great pomp and splendour. Hanuman is a powerful deity who is said to help his devotees overcome all problems in life, including issues related health, prosperity, education, Sani dosha, Rahu dosha, possession by spirits, psychological disorders etc. Offer worship at this sacred shrine of Lord Hanuman and receive his divine grace in abundance.

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