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Mantra Japa for Health related problems

Mantra Japa for Health related problems

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Whenever a family member or a friend is chronically or seriously ill, it is an age old practice in India to request a priest to perform mantra japam a fixed number of times to invoke divine grace as a means of spiritual healing. For mantra chanting to be effective, the correct pronuciation of the mantra is very important. Also, the person who performs the chanting should be initiated into Gayatri mantra and must be performing sandhyavandanam daily. Only such a person is considered qualified to perform mantra japam and other ritual offerings associate with it. You can request our qualified Vedic priests to perform mantra chanting for you or your family or friends. Choose any mantra from below as per your family background and inclination. For example, if you are a Shaivite, you can choose Mrityunjaya Mantra. If you are a Vaishnava, choose Namatraya Mantra. The prasadam of the pooja done after the completion of the mantra japam will be shipped to you.

Listen to the chanting of the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra:


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