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Koniamman Temple, Coimbatore

Koniamman Temple, Coimbatore

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Coimbatore gets its name because of the ancient Koniamman temple located in the heart of the city near the Town Hall. The temple was built around 600 years ago by a leader of the Irula tribe called Covan. The village around the temple was named as ‘Covanputhur’ which later on became Coimbatore. Later, when there was a fear of an invasion by the Chera rulers, the ‘Illangosar’ tribe which was ruling at that time, built a new fort and the presiding deity of the fort temple was Koniamman. Later, the temple was renovated again by the king of Mysore and Devi Koniamman was reinstalled here in the form of ‘Mahisasuramardhini’ (slayer of the demon Mahisha who represents egoism). Worshipping the goddess Durga is the best parihara for all troubles related to the mind – weakness, evil thoughts, enmity, jealousy etc. Offer worship at this 600 yr old shrine of Goddess Koniamman and receive her divine grace in abundance.

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