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Narayaneeyam Chanting for curing diseases

Narayaneeyam Chanting for curing diseases

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The Narayaneeyam is the condensed essence of the Srimad Bhagavatam composed by Narayana Bhattatiri, a great devotee and scholar who lived in the temple town of Guruvayur in Kerala. It is said that Narayana Bhattatiri suffered from severe colic pain. He composed this condensed form of the Bhagavatam in order to please the lord of Guruvayur - Shri Guruvayurappan Krishna and beseeched the lord to cure him of his pain and suffering. He was healed by the Lord's grace on completion of the Narayaneeyam which he sang in the temple on the sacred Kartika Ekadasi day.

There are manifold benefits of chanting this sacred hymn. Every chapter of the Narayaneeyam ends with a heart rending supplication to the Lord to heal the suffering and sickness of all our fellow beings. The Narayaneeyam is also chanted by unmarried men and women by offering garlands to Lord Krishna during the chanting of the chapter on Rukmini Swayamvara.

If you are suffering from any of these problems - bad health, diseases or delay in marriage etc. you can request our Vedic priests to chant this hymn for you.

The Narayaneeyam has 1000+ verses and the chanting usually takes a whole day to complete. We will perform the chanting as per your request and then a special puja will be offered to Lord Narayana at a temple. The prasadam of this puja will be shipped to you.

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