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Perur Patteeswarar Shiva Temple

Perur Patteeswarar Shiva Temple

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The Patteeswarar temple at Perur is the defining landmark of Coimbatore’s sacred geography. One of the best known Shaiva kshetrams of Kongunaadu, the Perur temple is held in great reverence as a ‘Moksha Sthalam’ – a place capable of bestowing moksha or spiritual freedom to devotees. Shiva here is worshipped as ‘Patteeswarar’ (because he was worshipped by Patti, daughter of the divine cow Kaamadhenu) and Devi as ‘Pachainaayagi Amman’ or Maragathaambaal. The Kanakasabha mandapam in this temple is a special highlight with a beautiful shrine to Nataraja (panchaloha murti) and stunning monolithic sculptures carved in stone. Other important auxiliary deities worshipped at Perur include Ganapati, Jnaana Dandaayuthapaani (Murugan), Jnaana Bhairava, Dakshinaamurthy, Surya, Chandra and the Navagrahas, with separate shrines for all of them. The temple has a rich history. The main sanctum is believed to have been built by Karikaala Chola in 500 CE and it was later patronized by the Chera rulers of Tamilnadu and the Hoysalas of Karnataka. Offer worship at this ancient shrine of Lord Shiva and receive his divine grace in abundance.

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