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Prachanda Vinayagar Temple, Pollachi

Prachanda Vinayagar Temple, Pollachi

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Located on the banks of River Aliyar, about 8 kilometers to the south of Pollachi, this temple was in a dilapidated condition about 2 years ago. The renovation work of this temple was initiated by the local public under the leadership of Tmt.Anandhi Elango. The renewed looking temple had its first kumbhabhishekam on 9th June 2007. There are signs in this temple to show that the temple deity was Lord Siva initially. What made this temple to become a Ganapathy temple is still unknown. The deity is addressed as 'Prasanda Vinayakan'by the locals; The qualifier appears to be the mispronunciation of the Sanskrit term "Prachanda"(प्रचण्ड)meaning 'of fierce countenance, violently swift,etc;the most appropriate being the former. There should have been temple elephants belonging to this temple in those days. This is evidenced by the naming of that part of the river as 'Anai Gajam' (ஆனை கஜம்; கயம்(அ)கஜம்-ஆழமான பகுதி)where the flight of steps leading from the temple meet the river.'Anai Gajam'in Tamil means that part of river where water is so deep even to an elephant; the place where the mahouts used to take the temple elephants for bathing. Due to its natural setting amidst lush green paddy fields, sugarcane fields, and Coconut trees, this temple is growing more and more popular among the devotees of Coimbatore.

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