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Sadhana: A Guide to Self-Mastery - Sri Aurobindo

Sadhana: A Guide to Self-Mastery - Sri Aurobindo

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Based on one of a series of workshop sessions with students and professionals, this compilation presents, in a very simplified format intended to engage the reader’s active participation, the initial steps toward understanding oneself and the basic principles of sadhana, or self-mastery. Each of these steps, such as aspiration, rejection, and surrender in the sadhana, is briefly described in selections from Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Interspersed are charts, activity sheets, and checklists that encourage the reader to apply the words they have read to their own inner development. Other books in the series include Dhyana: Meditation for Inner Growth, Karma Yoga: Perfection in Work, and Abhaya: Fear—Its Cause and Cure.

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