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Shani Transit Shanti Pujas and Yagnas

Shani Transit Shanti Pujas and Yagnas

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What is Shani Transit?

December 16th(IST), Shani(Saturn) moves into Scorpio where he becomes exalted, meaning the ability to deliver his highest and most beneficial qualities without encumbrances. 

Please note: December 16th, 2014 IST transit date is according to the Vaakyam Almanac which is used by most astrologers/astronomers and also used in temples. November 2nd, 2014 IST is the transit date according to the Thirukanidam
Almanac. It is also a respected almanac. We perform pujas considering both the dates. 


Saturn Transit - Astrological Significance

Saturn will be out of its exaltation sign and moving into its enemy sign Scorpio. Saturn’s transit is considered more significant as it is the planet that delivers the good and bad of one’s life based on the previous karma and the karma done in this lifetime.

Saturn in a fixed sign will deliver the influence in slow pace and any good or bad influence will also be slow; however, with a high intensity. Saturn will be receiving the aspect of exalted Jupiter till July 2015, which is favorable and will reduce the malefic influence of Saturn. This aspect also creates Kubera Yoga. This yoga will shower lot of tangible assets through which monetary income will be there for generations.

The Moon signs that would enjoy good influence of Saturn are Gemini, Virgo and Capricorn, because the planet Saturn will be in the 6th, 3rd and 11th house respectively.

People born in the Moon signs Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius will be undergoing Sade Sati. During the Sade sati period, Saturn may give one hard tasks for all his misdoings and on the other hand he will also offer good results for people who have done good to others.

Recommended Shani Shanti Pujas and Yagnas:

Puja or Abishekam at:

1. Thirunallaru Shani Temple , TamilNadu

2. Mantra Japa for Shani: Chanting is a scientifically proven procedure to influence postive vibrations and chanting Shani beeja mantra through our vedic scholars will give unmeasurable benefits to you and sustained protection from Lord Shani's ill effects forever. 

3. Navagraha Homam Individual registration and Group registration for your family- powerful Vedic ritual to appease Lord Shani performed through our vedic priests . It is recommended for people with very serious afflictions or ill-efects due to Lord Shani , due this transit. 

All planets influence life however Saturn has a major impact in whichever house he transits to or occupies. He doesn't miss a chance to deliver his particular type of life lesson. Many people are fearful of Saturn due to the hardships people face under his influence. He teaches us lessons, trains us for increased responsibility and points out where we come up short. During his transit you often tend to experience what is considered the more 'negative' of his manifestations as he points out what area or areas you need to rework.

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