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Shiva Stotranjali CD - Sanskrit

Shiva Stotranjali CD - Sanskrit

Rs. 200.00

The Dance of Shiva is the Cosmic Dance of joy. Every name of shiva is a fount of auspiciousness. Happiness Infinite and joy Abounding are the rewards of Those who immerse themselves in the life-giving attribute of Shiva as embodied in His names. Sanskrit, which gives forth the divine vibrations of the great qualities of Shiva as innumerable hymns that can secure you Shiva's blessings. Time-honored paeans such as the Lingashtakam and Bilvashtakam are among the hymns presented here in honeyed tunes brimming with devotion and ecstasy. The musical setting is entrancing. The hymns are elevating. Mantras like the five-syllable Namah Shivaya are interwoven into the numbers set in attractive ragas. The rhythms are varied and catchy. The Sanskrit diction is exact and authoritative. Let the musicals waves of this Shiva album enrich your life with divine blessings. ** Tracks: 1. Shiva Tandava Stotram 2. Bilvaashtakam 3. Lingaashtakam 4. Vishwanathaashtakam 5. Om Namashivaya Chanting 6. Shivaashtakam

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