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Slokas for Children

Slokas for Children

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Everyone in this world wants their children to be brought up in an environment, conductive to their physical and mental health. Of course, when the minds of the children are tuned towards the spiritual songs, their thought, attitude, Behavior, character, speech and in short their way of life is transformed and their personality is enhanced. The brain of children being tuned by the Sanskrit pronunciation becomes free from viruses and gains power. Never the less such children would be the better citizens with skill, efficiency and moral courage and shine as scientists and so on. These may look like tall claims. But our ancestors knew the efficacy of teaching slokas and hence they had followed an unwritten custom. The faith in our ancestors and their custom would no doubt prove fruitful. For the value of this training, the children will thank the parents when they grow old.

1. Ganesa Sloka2. Shiva Sloka3. Dakshinamurhty Sloka4. Saraswathi Sloka5. Havagriva Sloka6. Rama Sloka7. Krishna Sloka8. Subramanya Sloka

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