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Sthaanumaalayan Temple, Suchindram

Sthaanumaalayan Temple, Suchindram

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According to the sthalapurana, Devi Parvati came to Kanyakumari to perform penance seeking Lord Shiva’s hand in marriage. Lord Shiva was pleased with her penance and was on his way to Kanyakumari. Narada, concerned that the goddess would proceed to Kailasa without slaying the demon Baanasura who was tormenting the whole world, devised a plan to prevent Lord Shiva from reaching her. Narada took the form of a rooster and crowed loudly, much before sunrise. Lord Shiva, on hearing the rooster’s call, is said to have seated himself here in Suchindram for his meditation and it is believed that he has remained here since. The temple is also famous for the Lingam in the sanctum sanctorum, called as Sthanumalayan, which is a representation of the Hindu Trinity – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The top, middle and base of the linga in the temple represent Siva, Vishnu and Brahma respectively. The Nandi statue here, made of mortar and lime and which is 13 feet tall is one of the biggest nandi statues in India. There is also a tall & beautifully carved Anjaneya or Hanuman statue in the temple which stands at 22 feet or 3 m and is carved of a single granite block. It is one of the tallest granite statues in India. It is of great historical interest that this statue was buried in the temple, fearing an attack by Tippu Sultan and was, subsequently, forgotten. The statue was re-installed when Sri M.K. Neelakanta Iyer, the then Secretary of the Devaswom Board, an extremely pious man and a courtier under the Maharaja of Travancore, tripped and fell while circumambulating the temple. The Namboothiris were then summoned and after a detailed study of Prasnam (astrological query), it was found that the Hanuman statue was buried there. Offer worship at the historic Suchindram temple and receive divine grace in abundance.

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