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Sukra Navagraha Sthalam - Agneeswarar Temple

Sukra Navagraha Sthalam - Agneeswarar Temple

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The Agneeswarar-Karpagambal Temple located at Kanjanur near Kumbakonam is the Sukra Sthalam amongst the famous nine navagraha temples in Tamilnadu.
Sukra or Venus is called Kalatrakaraka. A strong and well placed Sukra in one's horoscope bestows proficiency in arts, music, dance and enhances beauty, marital bliss and prosperity. A debilitated or afflicted Sukra can cause delay in marriage and poverty. This planet is ruled by the goddess Mahalakshmi. Offering a pooja at Sukra sthalam is considered as a parihara to overcome sukra dosha.
All those who are in the fields of arts, movies and those who seek beauty, skill in arts, marital bliss and prosperity should offer puja to Sukran regularly."

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