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Tirumanancheri Temple - Pariharam for Delay in Marriage

Tirumanancheri Temple - Pariharam for Delay in Marriage

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Service to this temple has been temporarily suspended. Instead we recommend Madurai Meenakshi amman temple at Madurai for all marriage related pujas. Click here to go to Meenakshi amman temple puja page

According to the Sthala Puranam, Goddess Parvati expressed a wish for an earthly union in marriage with Shiva and incarnated herself as the daughter of Bharata Muni. The divine couple then tied the knot in Tirumanancheri. Therefore, it is believed that the Shiva & Parvati here answer the prayers of those devotees who face difficulties in getting married as well as those who face problems after marriage. There is a popular anecdote told to attest for this fact: Two friends due to their close friendship promise to get their children married to each other in future. In due course of time, one gives birth to a beautiful girl and the other to a male child resembling that of a tortoise. The mother of the girl refuses to give her daughter in marriage to her friend's son owing to his peculiar appearance. However the girl casts away her mother's decision and seeks the mercy of Lord Shiva in Thirumanancheri with her beloved. The benevolent lord bestows a healthy form to him and unites them in marriage. Hence, it is believed that if the physical appearance of a person becomes an obstacle in one's marriage, it will be taken care of by Kalyanasundareswarar and Kokilaambal by either rectifying it or by blessing one with a spouse who has the maturity to look beyond outward appearance. Offer a pooja to the divine couple Lord Kalyanasunderaswarar and Devi Kokilambal to receive their grace in your search for a suitable life partner.

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