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Thirunallar Sani/Shani temple (Pariharam for Sani Dosham / Elre Shani)

Thirunallar Sani/Shani temple (Pariharam for Sani Dosham / Elre Shani)

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Kanya Rasi natives are now going through the most dreaded period of Janma Sani, Sani being in their moon sign. This is the second and the most intense phase of the 7 1/2 year period known as Sade Sathi or Elre Sani. Separation from family, loss of social status or jobs, financial losses, health problems, accidents and divorce etc are the common experiences during this period.
Simha Rasi & Thula Rasi natives are going through the period known as Kantaka Sani since Sani is in their 2nd and 12th houses respectively. These are the beginning and ending phases of the 7 1/2 yr cycle of Sade Sathi. Health problems, minor accidents and delays in all undertakings are the usual results experienced during this period.
Kumbha Rasi Natives are going through the dreaded period known as 'Ashtama Sani' since Sani is in the 8th house from their moon sign. Incarceration, conflicts, loss of reputation and accidents are the usual results experienced during Ashtama Shani. offers you a golden opportunity to offer parihara pooja to Sani Bhagavan at the famous Thirunallar temple from the convenience of your home. Our vast network of temple correspondents will perform the pooja for you at Thirunallar as sincerely as you would do it yourself and the prasadam will be shipped to you.
Offering a puja to Shani Bhagavan relieves the worshipper of the sufferings & bad karma which are to manifest during the Sani transit. Lord Shani bestows success, promotions, long life, good health and prosperity to those whom he favours.

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