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Thiruthani Murugan Temple - Aarupadaiveedu

Thiruthani Murugan Temple - Aarupadaiveedu

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Although there are hundreds of Temples in Tamilnadu for Lord Muruga, particularly six temples called “Arupadaiveedu” are very famous among them. Important events associated with Lord Murugan happened in these places. The temple is located in the township of Tiruttani 50 km north of Chennai en route to Tirupathi. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Murugan married Valli, the daughter of a hunting tribe cheiftain, here. December 31st Step Festival When the new year srikes on 31st dec midnight, hundreds of thousands of devotees are present on the sacred Tanikai hill to have the darshan of their Lord. They come to Tiruttani to offer their heart-felt prayers to our Lord on that day and night to be blessed with peace and plenty during the New Year. This festival came into vogue during the British Raj when the famous Vallimalai Swamigal persuaded his followers to offer their homage first to Lord Tanigesan, the giver of all good, and only then to their official bosses. On this day, numerous bhajana parties gather and ascend the hill, singing the melodious Tiruppugazh songs and burning camphor on each of the hill's 365 steps, one for each day of the New Year. Murugan is the parihara for all Rahu doshas. Offer worship at this ancient shrine of Lord Murugan and receive his divine grace in abundance.

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