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Vadivudaiamman Temple, Tiruvotriyur (Durga Sthalam)

Vadivudaiamman Temple, Tiruvotriyur (Durga Sthalam)

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The Thyagarajaswami–Vadivudaiamman temple located 10kms from Chennai in Tiruvotriyur is an ancient temple with a rich history of association with great spiritual leaders like Adi Sankara and rulers like Mandhata of Ayodhya. It is one of the 275 Paadal Petra Stalams where the revered Nayanar saints are said to have visited and sung verses in praise of Shiva. There are many legends about this sacred temple. Lord Rama’s son Lava is said to have visited the temple and performed a Rajasuya yajna here. The great Sanskrit grammarian Panini is said to have performed penance here and obtained 14 sutras from Lord Shiva. Vadivudaiamman herself is said to have served food to the saint Sri Ramalinga Adigalar when he was tired, by taking the form of his sister-in-law. Offer worship to the Divine Mother Vadivudaiamman and receive her divine grace in abundance.

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