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Velayutha swamy Temple, Polachi

Velayutha swamy Temple, Polachi

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The 'Thenserigiri Sthalapuranam' relates: As Lord Muruga set out with his battalion to subdue the demon Surapadma, Lord Shiva summoned him to the Thenserigiri hills and, initiating him to certain mantras, endowed him with invincible powers to route and destroy the demon and his retinue. This is the legendary origin of this temple. Since then Lord Muruga came to be worshipped as Manthragiri and Sri Velayudhaswami. This temple was originally built by Karikala Chola and renovated by Veeraballalai III dates back to 13th century. A holy spring called 'Gnanatheertha Sunai' and a sacred tree known as 'Karunochi' can be seen. There are shrines for Vinayaka, Bhairava and Lord Shiva also in this temple. The Hindu newspaper reports about this temple thus: "Perched on the 600-ft. imposing hillock, adored as Kanakagiri, Sri Pon Velayudhaswami temple of Kinathukadavu (located midway between Pollachi and Coimbatore) has the glory and pride of place as one of the few shrines in Kongu Nadu, celebrated by Saint Arunagiri Nathar in his divine hymns. The presiding deity in the sanctum sanctorum of the small shrine facing east is four feet tall. The right hand holds the Dhandam (rod). The left hand is placed on the hip. The stone image is adorned with `Rudraksham,' sword and the aspects of the Sun and the Moon - a unique feature indeed. The bronze images are noted for their grace and charm. The deity is worshipped on special occasions in the forms of Siva, Kali, King and Hunter on Krithigai and Thaipoosam. The small temple, silhouetted against the western sky illuminated by the rays of the descending sun, looks like a lyric captured on canvas."

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