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Yantras for warding off evil spirits

Yantras for warding off evil spirits

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The Yanthras listed here are meant for warding off evil spirits, goblins, ghosts and other entities. 

1. Aapath Nigraha Yantra: This yantra is the most effective yantra against prevention of accidents or tragedies. It is a powerful Shiva yantra meant to act as a protective shield against the unfortunate moments of tragedy and accidents. Once energized and installed (or worn), it does not require special rituals or restrictions to be practiced by the user. Highly recommended for anyone who is running an unfavorable phase related to health and personal safety in their horoscope and for anyone who has been meeting with recurring accidents/ life threatening tragedies. 

2. Badhopadrava Nivarana Yantra (for warding off evil spirits): This yantra will ward off evil spirits and negative influences sent by third parties. Aghora is a form of Lord Shiva. This yantra is said to annihilate enmity and spirits like water puts out a fire. 

3. Sathru badha Nivarthaka Yantra (for warding off Black Magic): This yantra protects you against spirits sent by tantrics and black practitioners at the instance of your enemies who wish to harm you. This yantra stops the sabdha prapancha, i.e. the syllables of the universe and makes beejaksharas of evil mantras and yantras  ineffective.



Listen to the chanting of Hanuman Chalisa by MS Subbalakshmi:

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